About Us

A Delightful Authentic French Bistro Serving Thoughtful, Creative Cuisine

bis·tro [bis·troh; Fr.]
    a Parisian café boasting the simple flavors of French home cooking.

When Romance is the Order of the Day

Our modest bistro reflects the ambience of the finest bistros in Paris. With beautiful original artwork, warm welcoming colors and soft romantic lighting not found anywhere else in Augusta, 5 O'Clock Bistro offers exceptional gourmet French food to complement a romantic evening. Whether our guests desire tender Filet Mignon topped with Grilled Shrimp and scallops or Indonesian Escargot with Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, Fresh Thyme and a Red Wine Reduction, we will create a culinary masterpiece for our guests that sets the mood for romance.

Imagine yourself strolling a narrow side street just off the Place de l'Étoile on a soft summer evening. The scent of fresh ficelle and brioche wafts from a cozy kitchen and, as a moth to fire, you're drawn to a charming bistro. The tables are crowded with discerning diners gathered for one reason, to share the delightful dishes made daily from the freshest seasonal ingredients available.

5 O'Clock Bistro, nestled among the eclectic shops along Kings Way in Augusta, is based on the sophisticated style of the finest French Bistros and . sets a refreshing standard for all other restaurants in the area.

With our wide variety of premium quality wines from the finest vineyards in France, California and other regions, creative cuisine and an unsurpassed level of service, 5 O'Clock Bistro will, quite simply, be your fine dining restaurant. We are thrilled to share our experiences in culinary arts and longstanding dedication to creating each dish with the freshest ingredients, including handcrafted cured meat and fresh seafood.

Since our menu is constantly updated, our guests benefit from the freshest available produce and meats. Featuring homemade appetizers, seafood, beef and poultry dishes, other gourmet French foods and amazing desserts, the menus of Chefs David Ross and Barbara Howard  never fail to surprise and delight. Make a reservation today and experience an amazing romantic evening at our bistro café.

Whether our guests plan to wine and dine from our featured menu, or relax at the bar, if you join them you'll get that feeling they all know and love: it is 5 O’clock somewhere.